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Becoming B'nai Mitzvah at TBJ

The process of becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a sacred journey; one that prepares each young person to embrace their responsibility for the mitzvot, commandments, of our tradition and for themselves as members of klal yisrael,  the Jewish people.

It is a milestone moment for not only each individual family but for our entire community as well. We, your educators and clergy, are here to support and guide you along this sacred path.

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Each and every one of our students brings their unique strengths to the experience which makes each Bar & Bat Mitzvah one of a kind. All of us on the team at Congregation B'nai Jeshurun are here to support each student and family to ensure that they will ascend the bimah with pride, confidence and a deep sense of meaning.

Throughout the Bnai Mitzvah process your character strengths and those of your child will be developed, challenged, and utilized.

We hope through this journey that you feel your love of learning encouraged, your gratitude grow, and your spirituality and hope nurtured!

The B'nai Mitzvah program is overseen by Cantor Lucy Fishbein in coordination with our B'nai Mitzvah Coordinator, Emily Kaufman-Wank.

For more information please call: 

Phone: 973-379-1555 ext. 6674


Important Notes

In order to be eligible to receive a Bar/Bat Mitzvah date assignment, all students must be enrolled and attending Religious School from 3rd to 7th grade. Enroll your child today!

All B'nai Mitzvah students are required to enroll and participate in 7th grade religious school class on Thursday evenings. Visit the TBJ teens page to learn more and  register!

Cell Phone Policy

As a synagogue committed to the spiritual and emotional well-being of our students, we would like to heighten the experience of our students by instituting a new policy as it pertains to smart device usage during Bar and Bat Mitzvah services on Saturday mornings. We understand that phones and particularly, smart devices have become a fixture in the lives of our students. However, we have begun to notice that cell phone usage during Shabbat services has become a real barrier to our student’s ability to engage with the experience of prayer and community.

As such, students are not permitted to bring their devices into the sanctuary or chapel during Bar/Bat Mitzvah services. Our students attend these services for a brief 90 minutes and through the implementation of this policy, we hope that they will be more present further in the spiritual experience. Similar to the Religious School model, if students arrive with phones, they will be asked to check them upon arrival and will collect them upon conclusion of the service. The phones will be placed securely in our security office for the duration of the service.

This new approach to devices at Bar & Bat Mitzvah services comes in response to feedback we have been receiving from parents as well as our own observation of the increased usage of phones during these critical moments in our families’ lives. We respectfully request that you partner with us in sharing this policy with your children and helping us make it work.

We also recognize that you and your child may need to be in touch during the service in the case of an emergency. If this does occur, please be in touch with the security office at 973-671-6649. Our security team will find your child immediately and bring them to the office so they are able to be in touch with you.

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