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Sample Email

Dear Senator or Representative, 

Once again, Israel is under attack – from rockets launched by Hamas terrorists in Gaza and from international media who only choose to report on Israel’s response to these attacks.  Israel’s right to protect its citizens is absolute and should not be open to question by media or members of the US Congress. 

I ask you to assert Israel’s unambiguous right to defend itself as a sovereign state in the halls of Congress and in the court of public opinion.  Your support matters and your clarion voice will resonate with our fellow New Jerseyites.  

We join with world leaders of good will in seeking an end to the bloodshed and suffering in Israel and Gaza. As before, we seek a just and lasting peace that respects the sovereign rights of Israel and her neighbors. 

Your help is deeply appreciated. 


Contact information:  

Senator Robert Menendez: 973.645.3030 | |@SenatorMenendez  

Senator Cory Booker: 973.639.8700 | | @CoryBooker 

Congressman Tom Malinowski: 908.547.3307 | | @RepMalinowski  

Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill: 202.526.5668 | | @RepSherrill  

Congressman Donald Payne: 973.645.3213 | | @RepDonaldPayne  

Senator Richard Codey: 973.535.5017 | | @Richard Codey 

Assemblywoman Mila M. Jasey: 973.762.1886 | | @MilaJasey  

Assemblyman John McKeon: 973.377.1606 | | @JohnFMcKeon 

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Sun, March 26 2023 4 Nisan 5783