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Our Madrichim serve as mentors who lead our students through their religious education while also following their own path as they gain many important skills.  They serve as classroom aides and Hebrew tutors, and work one on one with students.

New this year! You will notice that on the registration it will give  you the option to request specific classes as well as other special madrichim positions.

Throughout the year, we will invest our time and resources into giving every Madrich(a) opportunities to grow. With our Madrichim Orientation Sessions and classes, you will learn not just the basics, but how to become an important part of the classroom structure. This year the development sessions will be incorporated into the Religious School day.

We know that being a Madrich(a) has many duties, but as any teacher can tell you, the rewards will be truly wonderful.

Please use the form below to register for the program and fill out the back ground check form as well as other working papers. 

Cost of the program: $50

TBJ Teens Registration and Madrichim Forms

TBJ Teens Registration
Health and Safety Information 
We use this information in case of emergency while at TBJ and on trips. Your child's health and safety are extremely important to us. Please be as thorough as possible in order for us to provide the best care.

Special Needs
The following questions assist our staff in creating an environment that will best serve your teen. We will get to know each teen well over the course of the year, but we would like to be able to meet  your teen's needs as immediately as possible. 

Release Forms 

Payment Options
   Please add the full amount of tuition to my TBJ bill
   Please charge to my TBJ account. This fee includes registration and some in-house and local programming
   I am interested but not ready to sign up. I would like my child to try their first program.
   Madrichim Program (8th-12th Grade)
   Hot Topics (8th grade biweekly)
   Better Together (8th-12th Grade)
   Philanthropy Program (9th Grade Biweekly)
   Confirmation Class (10th-12th Grade Biweekly)
   9 Miles (11th Grade 5 sessions)
   9 Miles (12th Grade 3 sessions open to previous registrants)


Madrichim Registration
Our Madrichim Program is the perfect opportunity for our 8th-12th grade students to teach Jewish values, build relationships, and make an impact on our Religious School students. 

The Hebrew term “madrich” literally means “guide” and the root of madrich is the Hebrew word “derech” which means “path” or “journey.” With this in mind, we envision our   Madrichim as guiding our students through their Jewish educational journeys, and to use this experience as a part of their own journeys. 
Our Madrichim are assigned to a specific grade or area of the synagogue. They may tutor students or lead small groups. They provide a safe and caring environment for every student, and they become role models that positively affect all of our students’ experiences. 

Our Madrichim can work with ECC-7th grade. 

The 8th grade Madrichim will receive community service hours for working. 
Our 9th-12th grade Madrichim can choose to be paid or earn volunteer hours. 

The cost to enroll in the Madrichim Program is $200 and includes registration in TBJ Teens.
****Every Madrich(a) must sign up for our TBJ Teens program.***


Please complete the following forms and return them to Lizzy Synalovski at TBJ or send via email to 

A300 Form (required for paid madrichim)

Background Check (required for all madrichim)

Religious School Calendar (for reference)

Direct Deposit Form (optional)

Tue, March 26 2019 19 Adar II 5779