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In our Religious School, we aim to expand what is taught in supplementary Jewish education to include deep and significant explorations of self and of others through the lens of Character Strengths. Our program marries the values of deepening who we are as human beings with living full and rich Jewish lives. We have created a new Judaic Studies curriculum that weaves together the worlds of Jewish wisdom, faith, spirituality and positive psychology. 

Our goal is to utilize a strengths-based philosophy to build an enduring culture of flourishing, well-being, and confidence through dynamic and meaningful experiences that connect the wisdom of Jewish tradition, the power of community and the best in ourselves to impact the world. Our strengths-based community will nurture the minds and souls of its members through the use of integrated curricula, community engagement opportunities, relationship-building, and personal quests for spiritual well-being. With an emphasis on flourishing, our model will equip our students and parents with an understanding of themselves and their Judaism that is rooted in strengths. 


Our doors are open and we're ready to welcome learners to the school year 2021-22! We will continue to take advantage of our beautiful outdoor learning center, and we are thrilled to be opening our doors and inviting all students back indoors when outdoor programming is not possible.  Our intention is to remain flexible and open to all possibilities that enable us to engage our learners in a meaningful way, while continuing to prioritizing safety above all else. 

Learning opportunities by grade/cohort:  

K-2nd Gr: 

  • Sunday mornings 

  • Learning will include Hebrew reading readiness, Judaics, and Tefillah & Shirah (prayer and song) with our Clergy 

3rd - 6th Gr:  

  • Choose from Sunday mornings or Tuesday afternoons 

  • Learning will include Hebrew decoding and tefillah (prayer) reading, Judaics, and a Tefillah & Shirah (prayer and song) experience with our Clergy 

7th & 8th Gr:  

  • Thursdays, 5-6:30pm, including the Teen Community Dinner with our clergy and educators 

  • 7th Gr Continuing the Mitzvah Journey: This is a year of learning about the concept of mitzvot, and exploring our ethical, ritual and personal practices in connection with Jewish tradition from an adolescent perspective.     

  • 8th Gr Big Questions and Sacred Choices: As teens near the end of middle school and approaching high school, students will begin to think about how Jewish values can help inform how they make choices that they encounter in their lives. 

9th - 12th Gr:  

  • Thursdays, 6-7:30pm weekly, including the Teen Community Dinner with our clergy and educators 

  • 9th Gr Kulam: All of Us: This curriculum addresses key issues in the lives of Jewish teens of all genders with a focus on social emotional learning from a Jewish lens. The curriculum will be topical while also seeking to build specific social and emotional skills such as self-awareness, self-management, empathy, critical thinking, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. 

  • 10th Gr Confirmation: This class provides us as clergy with a real and rare opportunity to spend quality time with your teenagers; time to both teach and connect around the development of their own personal understanding of Judaism and the issues of our time.  As our children get older and head out into the world, we want them to be confident adults who are comfortable with their spirituality and their Jewish identity.  The Confirmation year is an unforgettable opportunity for your student to develop deeper relationships with their clergy and classmates, while defining what they believe about their place in the world.   

  • 11th Gr Comparative Religions: We live in an increasingly interconnected, global society. As Jewish citizens, we need to be aware, knowledgeable, and advocates of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.  Teens will examine the traditions, beliefs, rituals, and cultural experiences of the great world religions in a lively and dynamic environment.  Come explore how faith-based concepts bind us as one humanity.   

  • 12th Gr Senior Seminar: Israel and Jewish Life Beyond our Walls:  This is an opportunity for our students to join our clergy for learning and connection in their last year before heading off to the next stage of their lives.  With a primary focus on the complexities of Israel and Antisemitism, this class is intended to help prepare our students for what Jewish life and Israel Advocacy looks like on a college campus and beyond. (Students who participated in our Israel class in 11th Gr will build upon that experience with new learning, however, it is not a pre-requisite for participation.) 

Additional opportunities for teens:

Ulpan Hebrew Language Studio (8th-12th Gr)Students will learn conversational Hebrew in small groups with an Israeli teacher. Newcomers to Ulpan will experience a beginner level course and returning Ulpan students will build upon the success of their existing program. 

 Weekly for 45-minute sessions, scheduled based upon common availability of participants in each level, minimum of 3 beginner level students required to run – bring a friend! 

Madrichim (Leaders) Program (8th-12th Gr): Teens work as an integral part of the K-6 Religious School experience as they assist teachers with classroom lessons, act as a role model for students, and gain work experience.  Takes place during Religious School on Sundays & Tuesday; students can select to work one or both two days. In addition to work experience, teens will participate in leadership development and training seminars throughout the year.   
Volunteer hours may be earned by all teens and those madrichim who are over the age of 14 with valid working papers may opt to be paid in place of earning volunteer hours. Madrichim who work multiple class sessions may opt to volunteer for one session and be paid for another.  

Fri, December 3 2021 29 Kislev 5782